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About Heather Cruz

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The Brightest Tomorrow is owned and operated by Heather Cruz. Heather is a Universal Life Church Minister and Certified Grief Recovery Specialist ®. Heather has dedicated her life to helping others have a brighter tomorrow. She is a survivor of suicide (lost a loved one to suicide) and has a special place in her heart for suicide prevention. As a pet lover and veterinary professional, she also knows the importance of pet loss support in a world where resources are sometimes lacking. She has dedicated hours to studying this topic. Loss is not always the driving force against happiness, and that is why she has extensively studied coaching as well. Though there is a specialized program for weight loss, and Heather has followed this program successfully herself, there are many other reasons to seek the services of a life coach.

Heather began her journey toward helping others by opening up her life for the world to read. In her time blogging, many expressed gratitude for the help they got from reading her survival story. As a motivational speaker, she can bring her experiences out there to help others further. Please use the contact button to discuss how she can help you have a brighter tomorrow.

I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

- Maya Angelou

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Ministry Certificate

Becoming a ULC minister simply meant receiving the authority to legally perform weddings. What it really did was open a world of spiritual training, reading and research. This has done much more for me than I really could have expected. Though not based in a specific religion, this church runs on the basis of "we are all children of the same universe," a concept which should be used in everyone's daily life.

Grief Recovery Certificate

In this training, I had to go through the program myself, though not in a weekly basis, but squeezed into two days. This was one of the most incredible, life altering, yet emotionally draining experiences of my life. I really had to "do the work" on myself before getting ready to help others. I never thought a program could really give me the peace it did after my loss. I was finally in a better place and so excited to learn the program further and be able to get out there and present it to others. The concepts I learned getting this certification were invaluable to me and can be to so many others. I hope to give other people the opportunity to escape from some of the hardest aspects of grief. This was one of the best experiences of my life.