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Life Coach

With life changes comes new challenges and subsequently new goals. What has changed in your life? What do you need help changing in your life? My name is Heather and I am here to help. I am a "suicide survivor" meaning I have lost a loved one to suicide. I am a young widow and single mom to the most precious gift in the world.

I have succeeded through an infertility struggle and am beating a weight battle. I am currently a Licensed Veterinary Technician and am continuing my education in grief and bereavement. Each chapter in my life has had new challenges and new goals. Let me help you with yours.

Reasons To Have a Life Coach

  1. Move Your Life Forward
  2. Discover What You Really Want
  3. Transform Your Life Forever
  4. Find Fulfillment, Be Happy, Live Passionately
  5. Tap Into Your Intuition
  6. Smash Your Limiting Beliefs
  7. Get Accountability
  8. Motivation, Encouragement, and Support
  9. Take Action
  10. Reach Your Goals, Attain Your Dreams

No matter how far you have gone down the wrong road, you can always turn around.